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So what is BS8848 and how can implementing a compliant Educational Visit Management System help you, your staff and all pupils

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16th June 2015

Whether skiing in the Alps, trekking in the Amazon or just a day trip to France, BS8848 has been developed for adventurous activities abroad with the aim of reducing the risk of injury or illness. It specifies requirements that have to be met by an organiser of adventurous trips conforming to best practice. The Standard will help assess the risks involved in a trip abroad and take appropriate steps to manage them. For those that use the standard it is also a way of being able to demonstrate to those going on the venture, as well as other interested parties (parents, carers, educational boards), that good practice is being followed to manage the trip safely. http://shop.bsigroup.com/en/ProductDetail/?pid=000000000030185211

So how can TripSafely help you comply to BS8848? Well it’s simple, we at TripSafely have developed an online Educational Visit Management System that helps to monitor and manage all elements of your planned trip from start to finish.

The system provides all guidance, templates, policies and procedures needed in order to organise your trip safely. The system covers the following elements of BS8848 for overseas trips:
• Purpose, planning, permission, finance and integrity of the venture
• Participants’ identification, selection and information
• Venture leader, leadership team and support team
• In-country representative and home agent
• Supervision and staffing ratios
• General/Direct & Indirect supervision, personal time and down-time
• Protection of participants under 18 years of age or a vulnerable adult
• Allocation of roles & responsibilities
• Third party providers log
• Safety policy and risk analysis management system
• Legal framework, contractual and insurance information
• Travel, accommodation, environment and equipment
• Medical planning, incident and emergency plan

So in evaluation TripSafely is a bespoke Educational Management System that can help you plan and conduct more educational visits, managing all elements of risk and cutting down on the amount of paperwork required. http://tripsafely.com/index.php