Finalists of the IOSH awards 2010

Trip Safely

Features is a user friendly online Educational Visit Management System that supports organisers of educational visits to organise a educational visit safely. The system provides guidance, templates, policies and procedures to organise trips ranging from a day trip to the theatre to an adventurous activity trip overseas.
The key features of the system include:-

What is BS 8848?

BS 8848 is a British Standard that has been demand led to provide a specification for the provision of visits, fieldwork, expeditions and adventurous activities, outside the United Kingdom.
The British Standards Institution (BSI) surveyed parents across Britain and found that they had many concerns about their children participating in educational visits abroad and that they wanted a national safety standard to be established. It found that:

This British Standard sets out requirements for the operational management, including safety, of all ventures outside the United Kingdom. The objective is to set out in clear, unambiguous language the actions and associated responsibilities essential to the provision of a risk-based safety management system for adventurous activities. In so doing it seeks to make available to those intending to provide such ventures a means of organising their activities in accordance with currently accepted good practice in a manner that makes it possible objectively to verify compliance

What are the requirements of BS 8848?

This British Standard specifies requirements for the provision of visits, fieldwork, expeditions and adventurous activities undertaken for educational, research, training or recreational purposes outside the United Kingdom.
It applies to ventures:

How does support the requirements of BS 8848?

The TripSafely policies, procedures and templates cover the following requirements of BS 8848 for overseas trips:-

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