The support from TripSafely has been excellent

Tim Morton, EVC, Beeston Hall School

Trip Safely

Welcome to TripSafelyTraining videosTraining videos is a specially designed online system to help teachers plan and run school trips and educational visits.

It is designed to guide the user through a step by step process that facilitates the effective management of school trips by asking for a sequence of fields to be completed.

These fields are designed to ensure that the trip is organised effectively without any necessary information being left out. This gives the organisers, school management and parents the confidence that trips are being planned correctly and the significant risks identified and minimised.

The system is quick and easy to use, eliminates the need to duplicate inputs, guides users through the process, is accessible anywhere in the world providing you can access the internet and allows the user to scan in and store information such as insurance certificates etc.

Training is available to help users operate the system and to guide them through the trip planning and management process. Funding is available for the training element of the system.

The TripSafely system has been designed to comply with the DCSF Guidance “Health and Safety of Pupils on Educational Visits” and other associated documents. Although based on the guidance, the TripSafely system only asks relevant questions depending on the type of trip - thus reducing the need to complete unnecessary sections of documents, saving the organiser time.

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